Friday, April 25, 2008

New Batch of Wood

Picked up another batch of lumber stock from Century Mill yesterday to prepare for a vigourous summer of paddle making...including some wood for my first two commisions. Now the locker room is really getting packed with wood, but here's a run down of my inventory that's been dressed to the usual thickness of 1 ⅛".

• 2 x Yellow Birch stock (7" wide)
• 2 x Yellow Birch stock (4½ " wide)
• 2 x Cherry stock (6½ " wide)
• 1 x Basswood stock (6" wide)

I also got them cut up strips from other shorts to end up with:

• 3 x Cherry shafts (1⅛" square)
• 3 x Yellow Poplar shafts (1⅛" square)
• 6 x ½" wide cherry strips (1½" thick) for laminating edges & accents)

Also found was a damaged piece of walnut 4" wide that could still be salvaged. I had them rip it down the middle and intend to laminate it with a thin central piece of Poplar left over from ripping strips for shafts. With this and all the other scraps from before, I should be able to make some colourful laminated blades soon too.

L to R: 2xCherry, Narrow Birch, Walnut+Poplar to laminate, Wide Birch, Basswood

Maple offcuts, Cherry shafts & strips, Poplar shafts & shorts, leftover Maple shafts

Stacked temporarily in the locker room - getting tight in there!


Stephen said...

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I'm leaving this in the comments because I couldn't find a way to e-mail you from your blog. I've made one 'practice paddle' out of pine and am getting ready for my first cherry 'Algonquin' styled paddle. I look forward to future posts, both about paddle making and about your birchbark canoe. I hope the model is a prelude to an anticipated full-size build!


Murat said...

Thanks for reading and leaving your comments Stephen! I'm sure your cherry Algonquin style paddle will be superb. I've tried Gidmark's algonquin plan with my Adirondack Guide paddle and it worked out well - a very nice style to carve. The plan for the model canoe is to definitely test the waters and see if I can build a full sized version one day. Don't hesitate to share your progress email is

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