Monday, June 19, 2023

Historic Paddle Illustration - Chestnut Canoe Paddles

Before the company was incorporated in 1907 as the Chestnut Canoe Co. Ltd., canvas canoes were being manufactured by R. Chestnut & Sons, an established hardware business in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The company also manufactured two styles of paddles which were effectively copies of what was being offered by the B.N. Morris Canoe company of Veazie, Maine at the time.

The earliest known advertisement for these "Chestnut" paddles appeared on page 12 of the April 11, 1906 issue of the The Daily Gleaner. The same ad ran for several issues during the spring of 1906 

Years ago, a relatively rare R.Chestnut & Sons paddle came up for sale by Blanchard's Auctions (see original post HERE). Not sure who purchased by the paddle appears to be the wider tipped blade featured on the left on the ad.

R. Chestnut & Sons paddle on Right

The paddle included a red oval decal oddly positioned on the grip area. Here is a closeup...

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Historic Paddle Photos: Maliseet poling and and paddle pics

Nicholas Lolar Poling a Canoe on the Restigouche River, New Brunswick
NBM Collection (1987.17.674)

Running the Dawsonville Rapids, the Worst on the Restigouche River, New Brunswick
NBM Collection (1987.17.669)

Paddle Closeup

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