Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Luke M's current paddles

Paddle maker, Luke M from Wales (see previous post HERE) has sent in photos of some of his new carvings.  Here is a group photo showcasing his latest full sized paddle and a small child's paddle alongside his restored axe.

The smaller paddle was carved from a piece of felled ash and the carving axe has a 3 ½ pound double bit with a cleft handle made from the same ash tree as his previous batch of paddles.

The full sized paddle was carved from a harvested log of larch. It was carved completely by eye and the design was copied from the 1875 Passamaquoddy ocean canoe paddle in the Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America. It was finished smooth with a crooked knife and not sanded. Here are his photos of the paddle being roughed out with the axe and some finished views of it at a different angle to illustrate the grain.

Work in progress

All carved by eye

Beautiful grain pattern

Luke also sent in a photo of his two latest crooked knife blades. They are made from band saw blades. He used a forge made from two kiln bricks and a propane torch to make these, which he mentioned was an improvement from using a wood stove.

Thanks Luke for sending in your wonderful pics!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cherry Gallery - Children's Decorative Penobscot Paddles

From the April 2015 Current Selections page of CherryGallery.com...

Pair of Child's Canoe Paddles
These two handmade birch canoe paddles have traditional long, flat handles and carved diamonds where the shafts meet the blades. They are potentially Penobscot made. They show their age - one paddle has a warped shaft and the other has a separation in the blade, but they display well on a wall nonetheless.
Circa 1920
5" w, 42.75" h

Grip Closeup

Blade Shapes

Diamond Motif carved at throat

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