Saturday, June 25, 2011

Busy Paddle Makers

We're finally moved into our house and have "survived" the week without internet service...very pleasant actually. I think we all need some disconnect time in our busy lives. We still need to settle in a bit before I can start carving again (this time in our small but peaceful backyard...if I can only find my crooked knife packed away somewhere in the mountain of boxes lying around.

During the days before our move, I received some emails from folks showing off their latest creations. Here are some samples.

Dulce Washburn sent this photo of some commercial blades decorated with some delightful wildlife pyrography. Dig the whole idea of the animal tracks with each little creature...was planning on doing stuff like this before I started venturing off into replicating figurative native designs.

Creative paddle maker Kent Lund sent me these pics of his latest work. The Camp We-Wa-na paddle was purposely made to look weathered and worn. Kent wanted it look like it came from an old camp.

The feather paddle is made from Sassafras for an old friend. Having heard great things about this wood as for paddle carving, trying one from this wood stock is on my to do list.

The paddle on the far left is his version of the c. 1839 chip-carved historic voyageur paddle posted by the Minnesota Historical Society. His first attempt at chip-carving looks great to me and I'm anxious to experiment with this decorative technique this summer.

Kent's Chip carved paddle

Lastly, Mark from has been busy with some laminated designs inspired by old world tradition. Check out his posts on his Carbon Fibre straight shaft, his laminated voyageur inspired by the Voyageur art of Francis Anne Hopkins, and a Maliseet style stretched beavertail

Carbon Fibre cloth blade

Label Closeup

Voyageur style

Maliseet style

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Missing in Action

To all the loyal blog readers and folks who have emailed me recently,

Many thanks for your continued interest in my little hobby page. I haven't been able to post as of late since we purchased a new more carving on a condo balcony. After weeks of extra work on my plate, we're finally set to move in tomorrow, but won't have internet setup until some time next week.

Everyone else has been busy carving paddles it seems - this week alone I've received pics from 3 readers showcasing their work...hope to have these wonderful works of art posted when I get up and running again.

Exhaustedly yours,

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