Monday, May 30, 2011

Celebrity Paddles: Tomah Joseph's Paddle

Having previously posted on the paddles of certain canoe "Celebrities" like Gabriel Acquin, Eric Morse, and Grey Owl, I thought I'd revisit another post from the past on this blog...specifically that of famed Passamaquoddy Tomah Joseph (1837-1914). Here are some zoomed shots showing some of his paddle's features.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poplar Diamond Passamaquoddy - Part 4

Wow...this paddlemaking hobby really ground to halt lately with all sorts of distractions getting in the way. Well over a year ago in January, 2010, I started work on a Diamond Bladed Passamaquoddy replica from Adney's book.

It's been hanging in the den for quite some time desperately calling out to be decorated. Finding time to do intricate artwork with curious youngster at home has been impossible so to simplify things, I figured this paddle would be nice choice for some historic chevron themes seen in much of the artwork from when this paddle originated.

At first I thought it would be fun to get the little one involved by painting the paddle with the gaudy colours seen in the painting entitled, Aboriginal Camp in Lower Canada by Cornelius Krieghoff (dated to 1847) pictured below:

Paddle Closeup

After getting all the supplies ready, suddenly he refused to paint! So instead I reverted back to pyrography to burn alternative light & dark chevrons onto the blade while also highlighting the angular edges of the flat-faced grip. A single line was burned down the shaft for added effect. This will likely be the last time I use yellow poplar as a paddle making wood. It may be a cheap wood stock and light weight but it also burns very unevenly for an extremely patchy and amateurish effect. At least now I can move on to the next project without the guilt of an unfinished one looming over my head.

Chevron decorations

While up north for a long weekend holiday, the boy grabbed his cedar bushcraft mini paddle and proceeded to slap around a beachball. I ended up grabbing this newly completed paddle and we killed some time with a rowdy game passing the ball back and forth. All the while, he kept excitedly saying, "I'm playing hockey!" it seems it seems I've done my Canadian duty as a father to instill love of our national obsession with a hint of canoeing tradition too.

Working on the backhand pass

Beach game of Paddle Ball

Monday, May 16, 2011

Paddle Art: NC Wyeth

Newell Convers Wyeth Wyeth (October 22, 1882 – October 19, 1945), known as N.C. Wyeth, was an American artist and illustrator. According to Wikipedia, this prolific artist created over 3,000 paintings and illustrated 112 books! Here's a painting featuring a decorated paddle blade...

The Indian in His Solitude
NC Wyeth

Paddle Closeup

The paddle decoration seems very similar to Indian Maiden by Moonlight by Charles Realyea that I posted about here. The 2 artists seem to have been contemporaries so might've influenced each other.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Paddle Art: Indian Summer by Bob Timberlake

Here's a shot of Bob Timberlake's 1993 painting entitled Indian Summer which features a bark canoe, pack basket, and green painted paddle.

Indian Summer

Paddle Closeup

Description from his site...
Indian Summer was painted at Bob's new studio at the rock wall to the right of the guesthouse. The term "Indian Summer" refers to the mild, warm, hazy days of autumn that usually occur before the chilling frosts arrive. The birchbark canoe is just one of Bob's large collection of canoes and boats which is said to be one of the finest in the Southeast.

The paddle in the painting looks similar to this antique Maine paddle posted back in 2008. Not only did he capture the general shape of the grip, blade and spine, but even the weathering of the paint is visible in the artwork.

Antique Paddle from the Cherry Gallery

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Luc Poitras Paddles

Paddle Maker and blog reader Luc Poitras sent in some pics of his latest designs both made with his crooked knife collection.

The longer one on the right is made from birch and features a leather drip ring and the base of the grip. The shorter is made from tamarack - certainly a type of wood I'd be interested in trying out soon...such a lovely grain pattern. This paddle features a grip with a carved drip ring and chip-carved decorations. Thanks for the photos Luc - Fantastic work!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gould Auctions Antique Paddle Set

Gould Auctions is holding another sale dated for May 21st. Their online collection of items includes a set of antique paddles pictured with their descriptions below:

Paddles (Left to Right)
• Superb Maine Indian made Canoe Paddle
• Exquisitely made canoe paddle with Indian head decoration
• Paint Decorated Canoe Paddle
• Painted and dated 1929 Presentation Canoe Paddle

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