Saturday, January 29, 2022

Circa 1900 Penobscot Maple paddle and Historic Photograph

The January 2022 'New Finds' page at the features a large, circa 1900 Penobscot paddle:

Penobscot Canoe Paddle
Circa 1900
8” w, 74.5” h

Also featured is a photograph dated to the same era of some Maine Guides posing with their cedar canvas canoes:

The write-up explains:
This is a rare and fabulous large photo of four wood and canvas canoes pulled up along the gravel beach of a river. Four guides stand in the sterns holding long poles for traveling upstream, and each canoe has a man in the bow. The canoes are packed with gear indicating that the hired guides are taking their “sports” on a multi-day fishing trip.

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