Tuesday, August 18, 2015

ManX's Penobscot Replica

I recently received a comment from blog reader ManX who provided a link to his paddle project. The original forum post needed to be translated from Italian and from what I gathered, he split a plank from a log of Black Cherry (P. Serotina) wood back in 2012 and just recently finished carving a paddle inspired by the c1900 Antique Penobscot paddle posted back in 2011.

Penobscot Carved Wood Paddle
circa 1900
length: 77 inches

His post features plenty more photos but here are few showcasing his work...

P. serotina log split

2 cleaned planks

End sealed with birch tar

The completed paddle

Grip Decoration closeup

Completed Paddle Oiled

In the end he opted for a more ottertail style blade in his final creation. It must have been very satisfying to go from log to paddle after a 3 year wait. Well done ManX! 

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