Monday, October 29, 2012

Jack Mountain Bushcraft Paddle

Came across a nice set of vids from Registered Master Maine Guide, Tim Smith of Jack Mountain Bushcraft. This particular video set documents a May trip on a section of the Allagash River. In Part 11 of 15, Tim explains his preferred paddle shape with a great logical explanation of the Northwoods style elongated grip. The paddle talk starts around the 1:47 mark if you want to skip the beginning section...

An earlier vid, part 3 of 15 actually showcases the paddling stroke on the water. Tim narrates some of the points interestingly referred to as the "P.O.P." - Position of Power where the hands are spread out only as wide as if doing a pushup...great analogy!

Many of the other vids in the series feature backwoods cooking, camping skills, and poling. Great stuff!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hunter Orange Paddles

A pair of autumnal festive paddles painted in orange from the current items page of the

Pair of Canoe Paddles
Two wooden canoe paddles in old pumpkin paint - seasonally appropriate for both Halloween and hunting season.
Circa 1940
5.75" w, 63" h

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fiddlehead Canoe Co Paddles

Came across the google albums Remy Reyjal, a paddle artisan from Moncton, New Brunswick who runs Fiddlehead Canoes. Some interesting shots of his paddle creations from his workshop...

Remy's batch of paddles in the shop

Many of the designs feature patterns mentioned in Graham Warren's paddle making book, including the curved tip "Columbia River" on the far left, the cut out "Salish Hunter" (3rd from right) and an "Early Micmac" design with its spear tip blade (far right). My own version of this Micmac design was made way back in '08 from a suitable short stock piece of cherry

The paddle with the "Voyageur" blade (4th from right) also features the Battenkill grip which I had attempted earlier on a still incomplete whitewater paddle.

Here are some more shots of Remy's completed paddles posed with his gorgeous cedar canvas canoe...

Another shot of the Salish Hunter paddle with its cut out blade design.  Warren's book mentions its design as a silent night paddle allowing the used to paddle close to the hull without knocking and making sounds. The blade's scimitar like shape also looks like a pretty intimidating weapon.

Salish Hunter Paddle

Looking forward to more of Remy's paddle creations in the future. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in getting in touch here is the contact info...

Fiddlehead Canoes
Hand-Crafted in Canada
By Artisan Remy Reyjal
36 King St
Moncton, New Brunswick,  Canada


Friday, October 19, 2012

Ebay Copper Paddle Tips

An Ebay seller has a pair of copper paddle tip protectors which are apparently from the 1950's.  Back in 2010, I wrote a brief post on these old-school paddle accessories for anyone who is interested...

Seller Details:
Vintage 1950's - Copper Row Boat Oar - Canoe Paddle - Protectors, Decorative end caps


Tiger Maple Auction Paddles has a new listing of a set of beautiful looking vintage paddles. They feature slender Northwoods style grips (mislabeled as "Adirondack Style" in my opinion) and are carved in Tiger Maple. Both are 60" long but are unsigned and undated...

Tiger Maple Northwoods Paddles
Original Listing: Lot 706 & 707

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Chippewa Pole Grip Paddle Photos

More shots of the pole grip style paddles in these historic canoe shots...

Ojibwe Family in Bark Canoe (1880s)

Armstrong photo of canoes on Lake Nipigon, 1910

Source: Nipigon Museum Blog

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Great Lakes Indian Postcard Paddle

Often vintage postcards showcase canoe related themes. Here's a postcard showcasing an "Indian of the Great Lakes" with a decorated paddle. Some etchings are visible around the neck and edges of the blade with some painted decoration added in the middle.

Indian Of The Great Lakes | Triolene Indian Series
Age: Pre-1920

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beaver Lodge Paddle c.1900

Lots of neat vintage pics can be found in the William Ganong Collection at the New Brunswick Museum. This one features a guide standing on a beaver lodge with a typical East Coast paddle. The more of these pictures I find, the more I see the common denominator of the paddle being at least the height of the paddler.

Beaver Lodge and Guide with Paddle
Deadwater, Gulquac Lake, Victoria County, New Brunswick
Mauran I. Furbish
William Francis Ganong Collection (1987.17.1218.93)

Paddle Closeup

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1935 Detroit Belle Isle Canoe Photos

An ebay seller has some vintage shots of the glamorous era of canoeing taken at the canals of Belle Isle in Detroit. Boats are all decked out with comfortable pillows, parasols, and decorative trimmings.. 

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