Monday, October 29, 2012

Jack Mountain Bushcraft Paddle

Came across a nice set of vids from Registered Master Maine Guide, Tim Smith of Jack Mountain Bushcraft. This particular video set documents a May trip on a section of the Allagash River. In Part 11 of 15, Tim explains his preferred paddle shape with a great logical explanation of the Northwoods style elongated grip. The paddle talk starts around the 1:47 mark if you want to skip the beginning section...

An earlier vid, part 3 of 15 actually showcases the paddling stroke on the water. Tim narrates some of the points interestingly referred to as the "P.O.P." - Position of Power where the hands are spread out only as wide as if doing a pushup...great analogy!

Many of the other vids in the series feature backwoods cooking, camping skills, and poling. Great stuff!

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