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Here are some pics of my completed paddles. Clicking on each paddle will take you to the relevant blog post on its construction & decoration details

Below you'll find some archived photos of various other museum paddles, antiques, and decorative paddles that have been already featured on the site. Click on the pics to read the full post on this site.

Museum Paddles | Antique Paddles | Other Unique Paddle Makers


Abbe Museum

American Museum of Natural History

British Museum

Canadian Canoe Museum

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Paddle |  | ACC2970.1

Paddle |  | M5470

c1770 Cree

c1840 Figured Maple

c1855 Penobscot Wedding Paddle

c1860 Woodland Paddles

c1860 Penobscot

c1878 Maliseet

c.1890 Great Lakes Paddle

Mid to Late 19th Century Penobscot Paddles

Mid to Late 19th Century Penobscot Paddles

Late 19th Century Penobscot Paddle

Circa 1900 Penobscot

Maine Guide Paddle

Gould Auction Guide Paddles

Adirondack Guide Paddles

Antique Penobscot

Painted Iroquois

Snake Eyes Folk Art Paddle

Antique Chippewa Paddles

Antique Tiger Maple  Paddles

c1900 Passamaquoddy Paddle

Late 19th Century Penobscot

Late 19th Century Unfinished Birch Penobscot

Early 20th Century Maine Guide

Unknown Date 96" Maine Guide Paddle

Unknown Date 84" Guide Paddle

Unknown Date 58" Cree style Paddle

Eldred Auction Wolf Robe Folk Art Paddle

1920's Albercrombie & Fitch Paddles

Early 20th Century Maine Guide Paddle

20th Century Diamond Throated Paddle

c1900 Folk Decorated Paddle

Great Lakes Maple Paddle

c1900 Scroll Grip Paddle

Unknown Date Maine Estate Penobscot Paddle

Modern Unique Paddle Makers

Rick Nash

Graham Warren (Moosehead Canoes)

Hidenao Matsubara

Tim (Edenwood Canoe)

Francois Rothan

Mike Elliot

Kent Lund

Bruce Smith

Luc Poitras

Steven Hanton

Steve Kovach

Mike Wamhoff

Craig Johnson

Luke McNair

Jonas Sjöblom

David Gendron

Chris Fisher

R.C. Cross

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