Wednesday, August 12, 2020

L.M. Turner Ungava Cree 1884 model paddles

The Reciprocal Research Network database includes samples of model Ungava Cree (Naskapi Innu) paddles collected by Lucien M. Turner during his Ungava expedition in 1884. The richly illustrated report published a decade later as Ethnology of the Ungava districtHudson Bay Territory unfortunately didn't include sketches of these paddles. The models are now part of the collection of the American Museum of Natural History.

USNM Number: E90113-0
Innu: Naskapi
Quebec, Canada
Collector: Turner, Lucien McShan
Accession Date: 1884-Jan-09
Accession Number: 013922

The paddles feature no end grip with straight sides blades culminating in a shallow, pointed tip. These models are very reminiscent of a later dated, full-sized Cree paddle now in the collection of the  Musee de Quai Branly in Paris, France.

Géographie :  Amérique –  Amérique du Nord –  Canada
Culture :  Amérique –  Cree
Date :  1930-1935
Dimensions et poids :  158.5cm  x 12.5cm, 647 g
Donateur :  Paul Coze
Précédente collection :  Musée de l'Homme (Amérique)
Numéro d'inventaire :  71.1931.44.155

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