Saturday, February 1, 2014

Northwoods Ways Paddles

Came across some beautiful paddle pics from the facebook page of North Woods Ways. These are the creations of well known Maine Guide Alexandra Conover Bennett

White Ash Bow & Stern Northwoods Paddles

Algonquin Style paddles patterned after an Omer Stringer Blade

Feb 2020 Update: Alexandra has retired from paddle making but North Woods style paddles are now being offered by Shaw & Tenney Co. Read more at this post HERE.


Anonymous said...

I am doing an extended project at college and have decided to make a one-piece canoe paddle. In my reseach of the different designs, I have found these algonquin paddle pictures really useful, so I would like to ask whether I could use them in my project, please.
Please reply to say whether this is OK or not,

Murat said...

These specific photos are from Alexandra Conover's facebook page. The link is in the post or click here. You can ask her directly there. Good luck on your project.

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