Friday, October 30, 2020

Rare Santee Sioux (Eastern Dakota) canoe paddle

 A relatively rare paddle find is now being showcased on Cisco's Gallery. The paddle is described as a late 19th Century design attributed to the Santee Sioux (Isáŋyathi or Eastern Dakota) from central Minnesota. 

Santee Sioux Canoe Paddle
Extra-long Santee Sioux canoe paddle from Minnesota. Carved of birch.
PERIOD: 19th Century
ORIGIN: Minnesota
SIZE: 78"L x 4 1/2"W

Though the bulk of the Siouan culture is associated with the American Great Plains, the Eastern Dakota were on the southwestern fringes of "canoe country" before being displaced by Ojibwe bands. As a comparison, see this earlier post which features sketches of Eastern Dakota peoples dated to 1851.

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