Sunday, October 11, 2020

Denmark National Museum - Huron Canoe Model & Paddle

A photo of a canoe model original published in Chroniclers of Indian life by Stephen G. Hyslop showcases a model canoe and accompanying items. According to the photo credits, the model is housed at the Department of Ethnology of the Denmark National Museum. Unfortunately, the caption doesn't contain an accession number and searches on the museum's online database have turned up no hits.

National Museum of Denmark, Dept of Ethnography
Photo Credit: Kit Weiss
Hyslop, Stephen G. Chroniclers of Indian life. Alexandria, Va. : Time-Life Books. p.24

The photo caption cites the model as a "Huron" canoe. The shape and decorative elements of the canoe are nearly identical to the samples in the Smithsonian collected by Col. Thomas Dyneley as well as the example at the Met Museum. These two samples date from 1845 - 1848 and were likely collected from the Quebec city region pointing out that creative Huron/Wendat craftsmen were selling an established model to collectors at the time.

DONOR NAME: Dr. William C. Sturtevant
COLLECTOR: Colonel C. B. Dyneley
OBJECT TYPE: Canoe Model / Paddle Model
USNM NUMBER: E430522-0

Canoe Model with Accoutrements
Ralph T. Coe Collection, Gift of Ralph T. Coe Foundation for the Arts, 2011
Accession Number:  2011.154.6a–p

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