Monday, February 8, 2021

Full sized Ungava Cree paddle - 1884

The Smithsonian has a remarkable sample of an Naskapi Cree (Innu) paddle from Ungava collected during Lucien M. Turner's expedition to the region in 1884. The resulting 1894 publication Ethnology of the Ungava district, Hudson Bay Territory unfortunately didn't include sketches of this paddle. The grip features a pointed, bulbous tip with the blade featuring the typical decorative elements of bars and dots.

Ungava Cree (Naspaki Innu) canoe paddle
Collector(s): Turner, L. M.
District/County: Ungava Bay, Quebec
Catalog Number: E90136-0
Accession Date: 9 Jan 1884
Accession Number: 013922

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