Monday, October 22, 2012

Fiddlehead Canoe Co Paddles

Came across the google albums Remy Reyjal, a paddle artisan from Moncton, New Brunswick who runs Fiddlehead Canoes. Some interesting shots of his paddle creations from his workshop...

Remy's batch of paddles in the shop

Many of the designs feature patterns mentioned in Graham Warren's paddle making book, including the curved tip "Columbia River" on the far left, the cut out "Salish Hunter" (3rd from right) and an "Early Micmac" design with its spear tip blade (far right). My own version of this Micmac design was made way back in '08 from a suitable short stock piece of cherry

The paddle with the "Voyageur" blade (4th from right) also features the Battenkill grip which I had attempted earlier on a still incomplete whitewater paddle.

Here are some more shots of Remy's completed paddles posed with his gorgeous cedar canvas canoe...

Another shot of the Salish Hunter paddle with its cut out blade design.  Warren's book mentions its design as a silent night paddle allowing the used to paddle close to the hull without knocking and making sounds. The blade's scimitar like shape also looks like a pretty intimidating weapon.

Salish Hunter Paddle

Looking forward to more of Remy's paddle creations in the future. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in getting in touch here is the contact info...

Fiddlehead Canoes
Hand-Crafted in Canada
By Artisan Remy Reyjal
36 King St
Moncton, New Brunswick,  Canada


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