Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Luc Poitras Paddles

Paddle Maker and blog reader Luc Poitras sent in some pics of his latest designs both made with his crooked knife collection.

The longer one on the right is made from birch and features a leather drip ring and the base of the grip. The shorter is made from tamarack - certainly a type of wood I'd be interested in trying out soon...such a lovely grain pattern. This paddle features a grip with a carved drip ring and chip-carved decorations. Thanks for the photos Luc - Fantastic work!

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I congratulate you on your work and the blog. Both are great because they work well and do not mind showing it. Both speak highly of you.
'm From Argentina, fond do things with woods (simple) and also kayaking and canoe.
Inspired by your work I have some ideas for miniature adornment valiendome ... we'll see coming out of the few tools at hand.
Once again my congratulations and thanks.
Sorry if there are errors is to use a translator.
Gerardo Groh
Bandera (SE)
S28 54 37.9 W62 15 55.7

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