Friday, August 5, 2016

Blanchard's Adirdonack Auction Paddles

Blanchards Auction Service is hosting its Annual Adirondack Auction on August 12th, 2016. Some of the items include canoe related items.

Lot 0144 is an 8 foot, wood-canvas Salesman Sample from Old Town Canoe. It comes with a pair of 32" cherry paddles:

Lot 0428 is a 63 1/4" Shaw and Tenney paddle in Cherry:

Lot 0426 features two Canadian Paddle - an old Kettlewell Paddle and an R. Chestnut & Sons:

Lot 0421 is a pair of 5' Birdseye Maple paddles from an unknown maker:

Lot 0382 has the most interesting paddle to me. The unknown origin paddle on the left with the slender grip. Unfortunately no dimensional info is provided. The lot is described as "2 Native American Canoe with Indian Decal"

Closeup of Decal and tip decoration

Difficult to make out, but the decal looks to be another modified image of Southern Cheyenne chief, Wolf Robe (b. 1838-1841, d. 1910, Oklahoma). Frank Reinhart's original photo showcasing the Chief has been used before on paddles in a misplaced attempt to add authenticity to "Native American paddles". You can see another example of this with the Eldred's Auctions Folk Art Paddle from back in 2015.


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Murat do you have a facebook page? you are my favourite site but I can only get updates from here.

Murat said...

Sorry not on facebook, Kirk.

kirk said...

No worries, its worth an extra couple of mouse clicks. Cheers, and keep up the good work.

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