Monday, August 15, 2016

Quick Woods Pack Repair

Started working on repairing the three Woods packs obtained earlier this summer.

This first one is a later model pack with thinner, darker olive canvas but some neat additional features. It has a some nylon webbing around the perimeter along with a built in map storage packet in the top flap. There are also small slip pockets on either side of the base. The previous owner mentioned this was one of many packs supplied by Woods Canada for a group sponsored trip to Labrador.

Here's a photo of the original condition of the pack, complete with an oval logo patch on the front.

This pack had a large repairable tear by one tump buckle anchor as well as a growing hole on the front. The leather components were dried out but salvageable so they were not removed, but just re-oiled. I also removed the torn Woods logo from the front as the thin material was flimsy and cracking.

Original Condition front

Original condition rear

The vertical shaped tear along the tump buckle was easy enough to stitch back together resulting in a discrete seam that I could live with. However, the round hole in the front could not be stitched closed as too much of the woven canvas had been lost and I didn't want a pucker in the front that could tear again under stress.

medium sized hole in front

Instead, I secured the perimeter of the hole using a blanket stitch of waxed braided cordage. This resulted in a neater round hole that shouldn't enlarge any further.

Edges stabilized with blanket stitch in waxed thread.

Then to cover the hole, a square scrap of veg tan leather was stitched over the hole. Not the neatest job, but it was in a very awkward spot to saddle stitch. Just to add a little Canadian flair, I ended up stamping the leather with a maple leaf...

Leather patch job

Unlike the other 2 packs which will be washed and scrubbed with a cleanser, I left this one in its obtained state. The clean spot left over from the original oval Woods label is obvious but it should fade over time.

Oiled up and ready to go

This pack was also missing its tumpline so another one will need to be made, but for now this user pack is good to go.


Chris Fisher said...

Very classy job!!

kirk said...

Where do you get leather of sufficient length to make a tumpline? I tried weaving one with jute twine however it was an utter failure.

Murat said...

Hi Kirk. You can buy premade 3/4" straps that are 72" long online from tandyleather, but they are expensive except when on sale. The cheaper method I've used before is to cut straps from a hide using the circular method. See this post here for a photo and description from a 1953 Boys Life magazine article.

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