Tuesday, June 5, 2012

HBC Canoe & Paddles

This has been posted on other sites before, but here is some visual eye-candy for canoe lovers. Hudson's Bay Co commissioned Langford Canoes to make some decorated canoes based on the famous HBC multistripe Point blanket design. I recently ran into their display at Toronto's Queen & Yonge store...

They've also commissioned what they call the Omer Stringer Paddle With Multistripe design - but from what I can tell it doesn't resemble the preferred paddle design Omer wrote about it his booklet The Canoeist's Manual or featured with his custom canoe on display at the Algonquin Visitor's Centre.

HBC COLLECTION Omer Stringer Paddle With Multistripe


Anonymous said...

I bought a paddle omer hbc montreal who responds to everything that I was hoping .. a piece of exeption

Anonymous said...

For sale: NEW/NEVER USED Langford Canoe’s limited edition HBC Multi-Stripe 16’ cedar canoe. Retails $7500. Asking $2500. Is currently on display at Langford Canoe’s Georgetown location. For more information, contact Chris: chris.wray@allinthehome.com

Unknown said...

This canoe is so gorgeous. I'm in love with it. Those stripes are so iconic and stunning.

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