Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nige Ayers' Decorated Centre Yoke

Fellow paddler blogger and pyrography artist, Nige Ayers of Simply Canoe has posted about a creative bit of canoe art - a decorated portage yoke. Here's a preview image below...

©Nigel Ayers

The single burn work was mostly done freehand and features some animal imagery chosen for their spiritual meanings. Really like how he has filled up the spaces with darkened patters and perfectly made use of the awkward contours found on curved centre yokes.

His full post entitled, "Pimp my Yoke", featuring more descriptive details and closeup pics can be read HERE

Well done Nige!

May 10th update: For those interested in seeing more of Nige's pyro artwork, check out his facebook page

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Nige said...

Awesome post Murat, thank you! I do have another one that I must blog. I've ordered a couple of new ones to experiment further with too!

More Pyro stuff one my Facebook page if you want to have look!

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