Sunday, January 30, 2011

James D Julia Auction Paddles

Here's a collection of eclectic paddles from an expired 2006 auction at


Info on each paddle (listed top to bottom) are...

1) 63” curly and birdseye maple.

2) 60” paddle signed “W.A. Whitney Maker Milo, ME”.

3) 48” carved shaped paddle with chip carved and shaped handle.

4) 63” with Victorian motif with gold, red and green paint. Carved handle red and black paint.

5) 61-1/2” slender tapered paddle with T-end.

6) 61” carved tapered paddle with U-carved end.

PROVENANCE: From the John Delph Collection. CONDITION: Generally very good with nice old craquelure varnish finish.

The 4th paddle down with the painted "Victorian motif" sure looks stylish. Maybe one of those that was used with equally luxurious courting canoes at the turn of the century.

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