Friday, December 21, 2007

First Post - How it all started

Well, after scouring the net for info on making custom canoe paddles, I realized there's a real shortage of info. So I decided to start a blog on the topic to document some of my work over the last year. Probably best to mention that all this started because of a fantastic workshop held at the Canadian Canoe Museum last May as part of their Adult Artisan program. I had absolutely NO woodworking experience yet in 2 days was able to carve a sweet cherry paddle with the help of Jeremy Ward, Hal Bowen, and Don Duncan.

2008 dates are listed on their site as:
Feb 23 - 24, 2008
May 31 - June 1, 2008
Sept 27 - 28, 2008
Nov 29 - 30, 2008

If you love the idea of paddling your canoe with a paddle carved by your own hands, this workshop is the place to start.

Here are some pics from my experience:

Paddle blank ready to be carved

Blank set up on a shaving horse

Clamped on table for more work

Working on the grip

The final work...varnished and ready to go

So that's the first post. In the future, I'll be posting more of my creations and inspirations out there. Feel free to comment!

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, and at what a time. I've been "scouring the net" for a week or so, and to very little avail. I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of your experiences, thanks a lot for putting in the time!


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