Saturday, February 2, 2008

Another Booksource

In a post back in December, I mentioned I'd be ordering Graham Warren's 1st publication, Making Canoe Paddles in Wood from his site - Moosehead Canoes & Paddles. It arrived and I've been reading it thoroughly. While not as detailed or photo-rich as his second publication, Canoe Paddles: The Complete Guide to Making Your Own, I found it to be a fantastic read. In fact, some of the illustrations (computer sketched) fill in missing details I was searching for in the 2nd book.

In addition, there are 10 paddle plans complete with detailed dimensional offset tables and even a brief historical blurb. Many of these plans were not published again (or were modified) in the followup book. Here is the listing of paddle designs:
  • Northwoods (Penobscot)
  • Malecite St. John River
  • Beothuk
  • Ottertail
  • Ashwing
  • Beavertail
  • Sugar Island
  • Western Cree
  • Hudson Bay voyageur
  • North West Voyageur
All in all, a great little publication. It mentions Graham's intention of writing another Advance Paddle Making book, and I would gladly stand in line to get the 1st copy when (and if) it ever gets published.

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