Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tool Inventory

Back when I started this blog, I wrote a brief post regarding tools needed for paddlemaking. With a sunny day (-2 Degrees Celsius) lighting up the balcony, I thought I'd take some pics of my assortment of tools used in the process of carving custom work. Since starting this hobby, I've acquired more tools to make the job easier, including a Random Orbital Sander and a Power Planer (both at 50% off), but these are rarely used because of their noise. Below are shots of the tools organized by category and at the end of the post, I show the bare minimum tools I use to get the job done. The tools and various items were either hand me downs or purchased at Home Depot / Canadian Tire / Lee Valley Tools. Since I don't have a proper workshop, they are stored in 2 large plastic bins in the locker room when not in use. Eventually, I hope to be skilled enough to use just an axe and crooked knife like Master Canoe builder César Newashish demonstrates in the classic 1971 National Film Board movie, César's Bark Canoe. Until then, I use the basic hand tools illustrated below.

Measuring Tools
(Top): 40" Metal Straight Edge; (Left to Right): 12" Combination Square, Measuring Tape, Spring Calipers, HB Pencil & Sharpener, Retractable Chalk Line Kit

Cutting Tools
(Left to Right): Standard Coping Saw with Replaceable Blades, Keyhole Saw, Curved Edge Mitre Saw, Fine Toothed Crosscut Saw

Clamping Tools
(Left to Right): Various small (8") clamps, 2 x medium 12" clamps, 3 mini 5" dollar store clamps, screw vice; (Top): 8" Tripper Grip clamps, Gorilla Polyurethane Glue

Shaping Tools
(Top Row): Hand Plane, Block Plane, Flat Rasp, Round Rasp, two sided file, 1/2" Chisel, Contractor Spokeshave, 3 mini spokeshaves (for musical instruments)
(Bottom Row): Curved Cabinet Scrapers, Hook (Spooning) Knife, Hoof (Ferrier's) Knife, Dual Sided Sharpening Stone, Honing Guide, Sharpening Oil

Sanding Tools
Coarse (80 grit), Medium (120 grit), Fine (220 grit) Sandpaper, Sanding block, Sanding sponges and scouring pads

Finishing Tools
Various empty cans for varnish & solvents, sponge (for wetting the blade), Methylated Spirits + J-cloth (for cleaning after sanding), Helmsman Spar Varnish, Mineral Spirits, Protective Rubber Gloves, Foam brushes (12 for $1 at Dollar Store!), Aluminum Drip Trays, SuperFine (0000) steel wool

Minimum Tools for Paddlemaking
Sandpaper (80, 120, 220 grits), Sanding Block, 40" metal straight edge, 12" combination square, spring calipers, pencil, flat rasp, round rasp, block plane, spokeshave, fine toothed crosscut saw, coping saw & blades
NOT SHOWN: varnishing tools

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