Monday, July 7, 2008

Mixed Laminated Blanks

A little while ago, I decided to put the the loads of large cutoff scraps littering the locker room floor to good use and came up with a bunch of combinations for various laminated blanks. After another visit to The Carpenter's square I shaped this remaining blanks to size. Here's a before and after shot

Glued up scraps before

Specific paddle shapes emerge

The designs are (left to right):
  • Narrow Ottertail with Decorative Maliseet Grip (Poplar/Cherry/Birch)
  • Western Cree with square mushroom grip (Poplar/Birch)
  • Large Ottertail with straight Maliseet grip (Cherry/Basswood)
  • Voyageur with tripper grip (Maple/Cherry)
  • Algonquin blade with Adirondack grip (Cherry/Basswood/Walnut)
  • Reshaped Beothuk with bobble grip (Birch/Cherry)
  • King Island Inuit (Cherry/Basswood/Walnut)
  • Mini Maliseet (Poplar/Walnut)
  • White Water with Battenkill grip (Maple/Walnut)
I had also decided to continue using up some of the smaller scraps to do some craftwork...basically cutting out some spoons, forks, spatulas, wooden blocks, knife handles, mini-paddles, and any other stuff to whittle out this summer. I brought a bucket full of these scraps and ended up with quite chache of goodies for intended projects down for down the road. At home, I layed out the inventory on the floor of my den and took a shot (with my wife's feet sticking into the shot).

Buckets of scraps; Inventory laid out on the floor

I guess they'll be plenty more posting on the blog to come.

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