Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Paddling Partner Welcomed to the World

What a crazy last few days! I'm extremely excited and proud to announce that my wife gave birth to a healthy son on Sunday (Sept 28th) after a very rapid labour progression. The doctors were amazed at how quickly her labour advanced, especially for a first time mom....0 to full 10cm dilation & birth within 5 hours. Guess he was impatient...that's definitely from his mom's side.

So far he's been a quiet but very responsive little baby. He seems to actively observe and study people & the surrounding sounds. May be too early to tell yet, but he seems to be soothed when I softely whistle different birding calls especially the repetitive "po-tat-o chip, po-tat-o chip" call of the American Goldfinch and the "Oh Sweet Canada Canada Canada" call of the White Throated Sparrow. I'm hoping he'll equally enjoy these real bird sounds in a nature when he grows up a bit.

Welcome to our beautiful world, son!


Mungo said...

Wow - congratulations, kutlamalar! What a perfect picture of him.

Well done!


Bryan Sarauer said...

Congratulations Murat!!!!!!!!!

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