Thursday, October 23, 2008

Iconic Canoe Pictograph at Risk

The September '08 newsletter from the Canadian Canoe Museum had a brief blurb about an Iconic Canoe Image at risk from property development. The image found on a granite rock face on tiny Pictured Lake, near Thunder Bay Ontario is one of the clearest and best preserved native pictographs of a canoe and served as the inspiration for the Canoe Museum's Logo

Pictured Lake Pictograph; Canoe Museum Logo

Location of Pictured Lake Pictographs

The image is also pictured on the cover of the book, Indian Rock Paintings of the Great Lakes by Selwyn Dewdney and Kenneth Kidd. The Royal Ontario Museum has acknowledged them to be some of the most striking, detailed and well preserved pictographs that have been found in Northwestern Ontario.

The Thunder Bay Field Naturalists have begun a fundraising drive to acquire a 108 acre parcel of land southwest of the City of Thunder Bay. The site is owned by a developer who has given the TBFN until December 8th, 2008 to raise $170,000 to purchase the property to keep it undeveloped. More information about the project is available from

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