Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mini Decorated Cherry Maliseet

Given that my full-scale paddle making has come to grinding halt with the ever present needs of a newborn at home, I spent some quality "me-time" getting back into the hobby with a tiny 1/5th scale Cherry Maliseet. The blank had been cut many months ago and with some bright sunshine on the balcony, I set to work carving with the spokeshave. Twenty minutes of work resulted in a cute little paddle for my boy.

Mini blank; Carved paddle & tools

For the decoration, I tried to free-hand some scroll patterns similar to the chip-carved Maliseet & Penobscot paddles I've been researching lately. The paddle was then sealed with melted food-grade coconut oil in case the little one starts nibbling on the edges. While lightly asleep in his colourful bouncer, I quickly snapped a shot in his first paddling pose. When he started to squirm, it actually looked like he was doing a forward stroke.

Decorative Scroll Patterns; Paddling in his dreams?

I think he has what it takes to be Canada's next Top Infant Model, but maybe I'm just gushing with parental bias.


Mungo said...

That is such a great picture of him with his little paddle... very cute! The paddle and the scrollwork on it is amazing too.


Murat said...

Thanks Mungo. I'm sure when your little one arrives, you'll be making his very own bushcraft kit complete with mini charcloth and such.

I was working on replicating a full scale, historic paddle design with more scroll patterns when the boy came a bit early. Hoping to finish the last bit and post it soon.


Micul Mester said...

Excelent !

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