Monday, December 29, 2008

Power Outage Carving

Yesterday, our area was part of Ontario hit with heavy windstorms that knocked out power to 200 000 people (some are still without power). Bushcraft expert Mungo has a new post mentioning basic supplies for a 72 hour emergency kit, a very timely reminder that people should be prepared for such events.

We had had lots of food, water, supplies, an emergency radio, LED flashlights, candles, even an solar panel for recharging batteries & electronics on hand. Plus, with some methylated spirits used for paddlemaking in storage, I made a few simple chimney stoves with used pop cans from the recycle bin to boil enough water for endless tea and a lamb & vegetable stew for dinner. We had plenty of firewood and wood shavings to burn and keep us warm too.

I was counting on our baby boy (who turned 3 months yesterday) for entertainment, but with the lights out, both he and my wife simply fell asleep right after the sun went down at 5pm. So for entertainment, I set about carving a model canoe with a chunk of basswood and my carving knives...

Block of basswood with rough image

Rough carved canoe

Doesn't look like much now, but once its been finished, I plan to decorate it with woodburnings to make it look like a bark canoe, complete with lashings and gummed seams...maybe even use it as a tub toy for the boy's bath time. Any future "emergency survival kit" of mine will have to include some basswood and a carving knife to pass the time whittling away.

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