Saturday, May 2, 2009

Erik Simula's Birchbark Journey

Johan from Belgium, who's generously provided some content for the site before, informed me of Eric Simula's current 1000 mile epic birchbark canoe journey across the Minnesota Arrowhead. He left from Grand Portage on Earth Day (April 22nd) in cold and windy conditions and will make a great circle route that will eventually take him back to Grand Portage for Rendezvous in August.

You can follow his journey online and there's also a great Flickr album with updated shots.There are also a few YouTube videos out there including one of his launch in a very packed canoe as well as a video of him re-pitching the seams before departure. He mentions that this chore may be a nightly affair depending on the conditions. I'll be following his trip with envy though am planning a much more delicate adventure with my nearly completed boat circling around our cottage lake.

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