Friday, June 5, 2009

Alutiiq Single Blade Kayak Paddles

Here are some more single blade kayak paddles, made by Alutiiq artist, Jerry Laktonen.

Jerry Laktonen's Alutiiq Paddles

Jerry's site, has the following information about their shape and function...
"The Alutiiq kayaker (canoeist!) kneeled rather than sat in his baidarka (Russian for little boat) and used a single bladed paddle, from a more upright position. The shape of the paddles were long and pointed as to enter the water quietly while hunting. As the blade was fully half the length of the paddle, the surface area needed for power paddling was there when needed . just as if shifting into a lower gear. the shape also was beneficial in that it moved easily through the wind while being brought forward."

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