Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer's Last Paddle

Well, we're back from our vacation up north. Regrettably, my paddling season may be over with the demands of work and the real world taking over again. But at least I was blessed with a calm lake and gorgeous setting sun to take a couple of shots in the bark canoe before she rests again for another winter. The last shot was snapped by putting the camera on a neighbour's floating dock, setting up a 10 second time-delay and maneuvering the canoe into the frame.

With the nontraditional kneeling pad and stuff sack

Paddling View

Just in the frame

Despite the brief melancholy I'm experiencing right now, I've been busy with a few new paddle designs and other summer projects that'll be on the site soon.

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pacanoeman said...

Glad you keep us in the canoe news - as the weather starts to change. Doug

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