Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Canoe with Runny Pitch

During a heat wave back in August, the gum on my bark canoe softened so much that it began to run down the sides of the store boat (see pics of the meltdown here). Came across another bark canoe with a similar problem. Looks like it was the 26foot North Canoe used for the French Reality show Destination Nor'Ouest, built by John Lindman (posted about it here). Unfortunately, I don't get the TV channel where it aired, but discovered a facebook page with pics.


...During use...

...and After!

The slightly heated garage where my canoe is stored gets down to about 8 degrees celsius in the winter. I'm hoping that'll be cold enough to harden the pitch and allow me to to delicately chip it off without damaging the bark. I'll then try to properly repitch later in the early summer.

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