Thursday, October 14, 2010

End of Season Paddle

Well, that sad time of year when my paddling season is over has arrived. No more vacation time scheduled until Christmas so the boat was taken on one last tour of the lake. We had just missed the peak time for the fall colour change but there were still some lovely yellows and oranges amidst the background hills. Here are a few shots:

Still, we were blessed with ideal weather for the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I was especially thankful to still be on the lake this late...last year's final paddle was on Sept 4th. As before, I set our camera on the floating dock, set the timer and tried to sideslip into frame.

Bye Bye from Pen Lake


Mike said...

Nice photos....great shot of you sideslipping too...I'm hoping to get a few more days in yet....but loved your shots especially the colours (you looked like you got up North for good part of any way)....BTW, is that the 'famous' Pen Lake near Huntsville, where Deerhurst is????

Murat said...

We definitely lucked out with the weather that was gorgeous! Yes this is the same Pen Lake (Peninsula Lake) where Deerhurst is located. The photo with the tall rockface and fallen tree is just north of their property shoreline. Lots of people climb up and cliff jump into the deep waters below...the locals call it Hasting's rock.

Mike said...

My aunt and uncle had a place for years on Pen....two cottages up from where Tim Horton had his at the time....must be nicer paddling there now on your last time out than when G8 was on....again great pics

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