Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ojibwa Grandmother Paddle

Here's a pic that shows an elderly Ojibwa woman with a weathered paddle and simple, flattened grip...

Title: Ojibwa Woman standing beside canoe
Author: Lecours, Ghislaine.
Control no: S72-1266
Canadian Museum of Civilization

Grip Closeup


Anonymous said...

how old is the paddle shes holding

Mishomis said...

In regards to your post of Nov 2, 2010 of the photo of an Ojibway Woman.Re: Lecours collection. This photo is of one of the elders from Pic Mobert FN. Probably around the mid fifties. Mobert is about 40 miles from Pic R FN.
The 2 communities inter-related. I saw many paddles of this type made in our community ( Pic R FN )when I was a kid. Usually made of cedar. Not too strong but easy to make and light.
As for Ms Lecours she had quite a collection of photos, interviews , tapes etc that she made in the 2 communities.

Murat said...


Many thanks for the extra detail you've been able to provide. First hand info like this is very relevant to keep this artform alive.

Duncan Michano said...

Murat. Do you have a link to this site?

Murat said...

The photo is from the Canadian Museum of Civilization Library and Archives. I did a search in the box for "Ojibwa" and "Canoe" and found the pic there.

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