Thursday, December 16, 2010

Historic Paddle Illustration - More Robert Petley

Another historic painting from Lieut. Robert Petley (1809-1869) in the Archives & of Canada.

Indian of the Mic-Mac Tribe
Library and Archives Canada

The painting illustrates a hunter armed with his rifle. Slung over his shoulder is a long fishing spear and two slender paddles with flattened, elongated grips. Once again, faint etchings in the main paddle blade reveals some hash marks in a chevron motif. Given that Peltey was a Military artist, I think it is fair to assume that his work would've reflected a certain military precision and attention to detail. Certainly the paddle shape is consistent with what is found in museums of the area.


August 2016 Update: Click here to see a higher resolution version of Petley's painting.

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Your historical posts are an absolute treasure.... and pleasure... to read. Thanks for providing us all with such a wealth of information and please know that Mike and I wish you, Murat, and your family - all the best for the Season and the coming New Year!!! And we truly looking forward to more interesting reads and other goodies from paddlemaking.blogspot in the future.... Fiona ❄❄❄❄❄

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