Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family Day Canoe "Trip"

This past Monday was a holiday here in Ontario, the so-called "Family Day Long Weekend" so we spent the brief break up at our cottage in Huntsville. Lots of winter fun was to be had outdoors, but my boy was enamoured with the bark canoe model made back in '08 that is now decorating the wall.

He wanted to take it out for an imaginary canoe trip throughout the place and loaded up the 3 foot, 1/4 scale model with a mini bark basket, his mini cherry paddle and two of his stuffed toys, Colin and Todd from the Monster Factory (a cute stuffed toy company started by a family friend).

Prepping for the trip

After lots of pushing and pretend paddling all over the kitchen, the bedroom, and the main floor, the bark canoe is no worse for wear. If these craft can handle the vigorous play of 2 1/2 year old and survive, they aren't nearly as delicate as people think.

Colin and Todd have taken up their positions in the canoe as part of the wall display ready for the next trip...

Unfortunately the Wilderness Canoe Association's annual symposium was also held this weekend and would've been a welcome canoe-related distraction. Thankfully, Mike O posted a thorough synopsis on his blog about the event.


Bob Holtzman said...

Love it. Great way to raise a boy.

Mike said...

Thanks for the kind words on my review of Wilderness Canoe Symposium....and I love the 'torture test' that your son put the bark canoe model through....OK maybe not that much of a 'torture'....the stuffed toys certainly look happy to be 'paddling' free

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