Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bashed up Canvas Canoe

Check out this great pic from Life Magazine featuring a cedar-canvas canoe after a run down some wicked rapids...she's still afloat! Some thick branches have been layed across the hull forming temporary thwarts and a long piece has been lashed to left side forming a temporary gunnel. Amazing that the canvas appears fully intact.

Canadian woodsman Robert Rock, in a battered canoe that is leaking furiously but still afloat.
In this photo: Robert Rock
Photo: Wallace Kirkland./Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
Nov 01, 1953


Green Mountain Realty said...

Good Stuff, I like old boats and Life magazine, guess I'm just a little old school?

Mike said...

Great photo....and that wood canvas canoe could be fixed up....not something you can do to synthetic boats....

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