Monday, September 12, 2011

Killbear Paddlers Rendezvous

Managed to snag about 36 hours of free time to attend the 15th Annual Paddler's Rendezvous held in Killbear Provincial Park neary Parry Sound. The event attracts an eclectic mix of different paddlers - from marathon racers, to canoe sailors, to just regular old paddle power folks like myself. It's also a great way to catch up with other Wooden Canoe Enthusiasts as the event is part the Northern Lakes chapter. Folks drove from as far away as Ohio, Michigan and Maine to get a taste of the rocky Canadian shoreline. Made some great new friends who are just as nutty for canoes as I am.

It was my first time attending and I could only spare one night camping but what a fun time it was...with stunningly warm weather and moments of shear beauty on Georgian Bay. Fantastic comraderie between folks at this real down to earth event. Much thanks to John Hupfield of Lost in the Woods Boatworks in organizing this yearly funfest. Some of the pics:

Assembled fleet on the beach

Fleet Closeup

Craig Johnson's Red Maple Leafed Kennebec...we joked that this was his passport into Canada at the U.S. border.

Andre Cloutier got this Keewaydin tripping canoe made by Don Fraser after Chestnut closed up shop. Featured a few double ribs fore and aft of the centre thwart to accommodate a traditional wannigan made by Rob Stevens.

Three sister canoes all built in Pam Wedd's shop (right to left)...Pam Wedd's 16 footer, Craig Johnson's 15 footer, and my 14 footer.

Master builders Dick Persson of Buckhorn Canoe company paddling a Peterborough Champlain and Pam Wedd of Bearwood paddling her personal boat

Wind picking up

Out with good friends Pam Wedd and Rob Stevens in the crystal waters

My paddle in the shimering water

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Lee said...

example of paddlers being 99% awesome people. musta been a great group to chat around the fire with. thasnks for sharing

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