Thursday, December 1, 2011

Canadian Woodworking Article

The June/July 2011 issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement magazine featured an article on paddle carving and paddle history written by Beth Stanley, Artisan Program Coordinator at the Canadian Canoe Museum (CCM). The fellow on the cover is Don Duncan, one of the 2 volunteers instructors at the CCM who help me kick start this paddle making hobby.

I was in the process of moving into our house when the magazine was released and now that the chaos is over, the magazine is unfortunately no longer on store shelves. It is however, found in a handful of Toronto Public Library branches so I ended up taking my bike for the 1st time since our move in June and, of course, the route was horribly steep uphill all the way. I'm addicted to paddles however so the severe leg cramps I've been experiencing since the trek are a reminder of the pain I'm willing to endure for this hobby. The article, although brief, is concisely written with plenty of of detailed pics demonstrating the measuring and marking techniques taught at the CCM's paddle making workshop.

In addition to the main paddle making article, an additional 2 page spread features a write up on different paddle grips and blades. Among the distinct paddle grips illustrated is a design I intent to carve, the St. John Malecite grip illustrated by Adney in a paddle dated to 1896-1898.

Replica of a St.John Malecite rectangular grip

If only the CCM would make their entire collection of 150 paddles open to the general public, I'd have a field day!

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Great Article and Paddles too. I will looking forward for other articles.

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