Friday, January 20, 2012

Nigel's Krieghoff Paddle Replica

Paddle enthusiast Nigel acquired an Edenwood Northwoods paddle and decided to decorate the handcarved beauty with some artwork. With his permission, some photos of his work are posted here in addition to more details on the WCHA forum. He ended up inspired by the some of the Cornelius Krieghoff paintings at the McCord Museum in Montreal which feature a colourful chevron pattern.

Aboriginal Camp in Lower Canada Cornelius 
Krieghoff (1815-1872) 1847, 19th century

Paddle Closeup

Nigel's Decorated Edenwood Paddle

Blade closeup

The grip area was decorated with a burned image a rabbit smoking a pipe, a native theme symbolizing confidence in the face of danger, popularized in the film The Edge.

Grip Closeup
The cheerful colours and stunning contrast make the paddle highly visible and everyone will know who the paddle belongs to. I'm tempted to give pyrography decoration a break for a while and perhaps try some painting. Great work Nigel!

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