Thursday, March 29, 2012

Becky Mason - Northwoods Stroke

Recently received my copy of Becky Mason's new instructional video, Advanced Solo Canoeing. It's been getting rave reviews all over the paddling community and recently won the 2012 award for Best Instructional film at the Reel Paddling Film Festival. I have a old VHS copy of Becky's first instructional video made back in 2000 and it's a bit of a seasonal ritual to watch it during the winter months. Anyway, here's the preview of her new advanced paddling film complete with some stunning underwater shots...

The highlight for me however, was the brief footage of Becky demonstrating the famed "Northwoods Stroke" as practiced by many paddlers in Maine & New Brunswick. She demonstrates the quick cadence paddling style with a northwoods style paddle grip. This very well may be the only instructional footage of the elusive northwoods stroke out there at the present. The footage is only a few minutes long, but Becky's easy to follow narration and the multiple angles provide lots of clear views of the mechanics. A few screenshots...

All in all a very rewarding paddling video that has gotten me excited about the upcoming paddling season. More info on Becky's site -

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