Sunday, September 16, 2012

Abbe Museum Paddle

Came across the delightfully descriptive blog, Our Acadia featuring highlights of the East Coast. A post from July of this year detailed a rainy day trip to the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor which features a paddling exhibit. Of course, it was the paddle in the photo that caught my eye.

Photo Courtesy of OurAcadia

The paddle looks to be identical to the Tomah Joseph etched paddle I posted on earlier, although I could be mistaken. Unfortunately I've had no luck sourcing out any higher resolution close up pics. If anyone has visited this exhibit and is willing to share their personal photos, feel free to email me. 

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Julia Clark said...

You are correct. It is the same paddle. The Passamaquoddy Museum at Indian Township loaned the paddle to the Abbe Museum for the Indians & Rusticators exhibit. The exhibit is up for another couple of months (closes at the end of December) so there is still time to come see it!

-Julia Clark
Curator of Collections
Abbe Museum

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