Thursday, November 15, 2012

Canvas Canoe UK

Steven Hanton and Willow Lohr have begun a canoe business in Scotland appropriately named Canvas Canoes. Pics from their new website show some gorgeous looking traditional northwoods gear including setting poles, wanigans and packbaskets. Included on their products page are some current models of paddles, one of which is a traditional scalloped gripped Northwoods Guide from ash.

Steve Hanton's Northwoods Paddle 

Northwoods Grip Closeup 

Beautiful stuff. The primary canoe model is based on the 17.5' Atkinson Traveller, a classic Maine tripping canoe. Photos showcasing the canoe include some shots of Steven with one of his first paddle creations - a 6foot long, whippy paddle with lots of flex. Steven was kind enough to provide some details regarding its origin - apparently traced from an circa 1920's Guide Paddle from Alexandra Conover Bennett of Northwoods Ways.

The blade was decorated with some chip carved Penobscot patterns obtained from from Frank Speck's 1940 publication, Penobscot Man.  These look to be similar to an earlier F. Speck publication dated to 1927 available online entitled, Symbolism in Penobscot Art which was posted about earlier if (see link HERE).

Penobscot Etchings

Wishing Steven and Willow well in their new canoe business and looking forward to seeing more of their photos. If you'd like to get in touch with them, you can do so through their contact info below:

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