Sunday, December 23, 2012

Historic Photo: Ojibwe Paddling Method

Found another photo representative of a traditional native paddling method with the grip hand positioned differently below the grip in the "Northwoods" style. This one is of Ojibwe Chief Busticogan in a bark canoe on the Big Fork River (MN) but it resembles some of the photos here as well as in some additional photos from an earlier post on Indigenous paddling techniques.

Interesting that the solo paddler is positioned in the centre of the boat. Most pics I've seen from this era feature a solitary paddle in the stern with the bow weighed down with gear. But with a relatively empty canoe (note how high it is floating on the water) and the position of the paddler kneeling low in the hull, this gripping style seems like it would be the most relaxed and comfortable for long distance paddling.  

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