Friday, January 11, 2013

Historic Paddle Art: Rindisbacher Chippewa Canoe

An illustration by artist Peter Rindisbacher (1806 – 1834) depicting a Chippewa (Ojibwe) family paddling a bark canoe. ...

 Chippewa Canoe 
Peter Rindisbacher

The woman seated in the middle is using a paddle with a small bobble shape grip that caught my eye. It is very reminiscent of this scene from the Canadian film Ikwe that features some historically relevant bark canoes and other props...

Found it interesting that both the illustration and the film shot show the characters gripping the paddle in a sort of reverse, upwards grip where the bobble serves as a stopper of sorts. For another example of a modern day bobble gripped paddle, check out this 2010 post regarding a Western Cree style paddle made by Mike Elliot of Kettle River Canoes.

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