Friday, March 8, 2013

"New" Canoe Tripping Forums -

Like many folks interested in canoeing, I'm an occasional poster on a variety of forums. One of my favourites before the site was hacked and destroyed by malicious folks last summer was It was a real treasure trove of quality info from like-minded canoe trippers. Unfortunately, after speaking with the site owner at the recent Outdoor Adventure Show here in Toronto, it looks like the site will be gone for good.

However, another lesser known forum -  - has recently come to my attention. It is going through a rebirth of sorts and is now being run by a fellow wooden canoe enthusiast, Robin, who has taken his fleet of Chestnut cedar canvas canoes on some impressive backcountry trips.

Lately there have been some really fun trip reports posted by some folks and I've posted some of my own experiences there as well. I've found the small but growing community there very welcoming. So if anyone wants to contribute and share their experiences feel free to head on over...


Anonymous said...

Hi Murat,

And now CT too has sunk out of sight.
Just before it vanished a few were saying that something was attacking it.

Any news? Any predictions?


Murat said...

Yes...right before it went down there was a thread of some hacking & url redirection going on. Don't know about what's happening now - haven't been able to get in touch with admin folks but hope it'll come back..

Anonymous said...

I'm not optimistic. Can't find a link anymore.

When I visited ST early on I saw that it was listed with hallucinogenic drug solo tripping sites.

Now that a second canoe "tripping" site has been ruined, I ask about a name making an outfit too conspicuous to people who hack.

Murat said...

Just got an email saying is back online - went to the site and confirmed the good news...Thanks to Robin L & team for not giving up in the midst of all this cyber attacking non-sense.

Anonymous said...



I had stopped looking.

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