Monday, November 17, 2014

Grandfather Canoe Update

Here's an interesting update regarding the famed 21 ft "Grandfather" canoe discovered in Ireland and repatriated to St. Mary's Maliseet First Nation back in 2009.

Documentary make Joe Kearney created a podcast on RTE Radio1 (Ireland) explaining the spiritual significance of the canoe. A bark replica of the original was built under the guidance of Steve Cayard and appropriately named the Grandmother Canoe.

G. Wayne Brooks & Steve Kearney with Maliseet Paddles

Turns out that if funds can be arranged, another replica with be made in an effort to teach youngsters these nearly forgotten skills with the final product donated back to the University where the original Grandfather Canoe once hung. 

More details in the accompanying article that appeared in the Irish Times...

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