Friday, March 6, 2015

Paddle tarp cups

Always like to repurpose gear when in camp. Why should paddles only be functional in the water? Setting up tarps with canoe paddles isn't a new idea, but often the paddle shaft or grip isn't conducive to tying support lines. After doing an image search for tarp and paddles, I stumbled upon Poster Chainsaw's 2009 review of the True North tarp over on the Song of the Paddle Forums. His thread "True North Big Tarp Review" features a tarp setup with an additional accessory.

True North Outdoor Company in the UK apparently includes 2 little mesh bags with sewn webbing meant to be slipped over the grips of the paddles and provide and anchor point for the lines...

Photo Credit: Chainsaw on SOTP forums

Photo Credit: Chainsaw on SOTP forums

Photo Credit: Chainsaw on SOTP forums

It's a pretty simple design and concept. I've always gotten away with just tying a clove hitch around the paddle, but with the elongated guide style grips I prefer, the guy-lines would often slip down.  Sometimes a paddle can simply be jammed under the tarp with just plain old tension serving as a support. This little contraption looks to allow the paddles to be setup slightly ahead of the tarp which is needed in certain configurations.

Poster Neiltoo on Ni-Wild - Northern Ireland Outdoors Community - made up a similar strap device to assist setting up his hammock tarp. Here are some pics of his creation on the thread "Using Paddles with a Tarp"

  Photo Credit Neiltoo on Ni-Wild Forums

  Photo Credit Neiltoo on Ni-Wild Forums 

   Photo Credit Neiltoo on Ni-Wild Forums 

Lastly, ulltralight gear site,, is selling a product called "Trekking Pole Cups". These triangular Cuben fabric cups go over the handles of trekking poles but could easily be used for canoe paddles as well. Here's a closeup from their site.

 Zpacks Trekking Pole Cups

Might be tinkering with something along these lines for another another winter project to work on using some scraps.

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David said...

These are great ideas, I always wonder why, after all these years of tripping and sting tarp that i never came up with that idea... Look like I'll have more sewing to do!!


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